Napoleon Perdis Blush Patrol Review

Hey everyone,

Before I get into the review, I thought I’d explain my lack of posts. I’ve been a bit MIA lately and haven’t posted in a hot minute. And there’s no reason for it other than that I wasn’t really feeling it, Blogging started to feel more like a chore rather than something I loved.

so I took a step back and gave it a rest, But I’m so excited to be back and better than ever!

Now back to what’s really important!

Today I’m back with a review on the Napoleon Perdis Blush Patrol.

Photo 7-09-2015 10 20 23 pm

Spring has sprung here in Australia meaning we are trading matte skin and dark vampy lips for bronzy glowing skin and soft lip shades. And this is the perfect product to help ease into the season.

Although this is marketed as a blush, I have never and probably will never use it as one. This ‘blush’ is so beautiful and shimmery that I use it as a highlight.

Photo 7-09-2015 10 21 02 pm

It’s a gorgeous rose gold shade that makes your skin look like it’s been kissed by the sun. And who doesn’t want that right?

I find myself reaching for this product every morning, whether I’m going to work or just hanging out at home.

I use mine with a small tapered highlight brush on the high points of my cheeks, under my brows, tip of my nose and cupids bow. You could spray your brush with some Fix+ and use it wet for a really intense look.

I think this product would suit all skin tones. Depending on how heavy handed you are with it, as it does have a lot of colour in it because it’s technically a blush.

You can pick this up at Napoleon counters or online here for AUD $60

Have you tried this product, what do you think? let me know in the comments

xo Cassie.

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Squeaky Clean Makeup Brushes

Hey guys, today I’m showing you how I wash my makeup brushes.



What I use


Rubbing Alcohol (to kill any bacteria)


Usually I’m really bad when it comes to washing my brushes and will only do it if I have no more clean ones left to use.. which is terrible I know. When I do clean my brushes I like to give them a deep clean so I’ll use whatever shampoo and conditioner I have at the time, and rubbing alcohol.

I start by getting some shampoo on a damp brush and swirling it on the palm of my hand to work up a lather, I then run it under lukewarm water to wash out the shampoo and product. I then dip my brush into the rubbing alcohol to get rid of any bacteria (this is especially good if you have acne prone skin) and then will condition the bristles using whatever conditioner I have on hand. I then rinse the brushes till the water runs clear and lay them out on a clean towel to dry.

I really like using this method although it is a bit tedious and time consuming to do 3 steps, ┬áit really deep cleans the brushes and means that there’s no stains from the products. Some people like to dry their brushes upside down but unfortunately I don’t have the space to have brushes laying all over my house so I just lay them out on a flat surface to dry.

I have been using this method since I first got into makeup years ago and all my brushes work just as well as they did when I first got them.


xo Cassie


all products mentioned are my own