Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Review

Hey everyone, today I’m back with a review on the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme lip gloss.

Photo 30-07-2015 5 30 12 pm

I picked this bad boy up after watching Tymetheinfamous on Youtube rave about the original Too Faced lip injection and figured if I was going to get it, then I may as well get the extreme version because who doesn’t want big pouty lips right?

You can see and feel this lip gloss working as soon as you put it on, it tingles and does feel a little bit uncomfortable but nothing that’s too extreme.

I like to use a really light coat on my lips, mostly because I don’t want it to ever run out, but also because I find you don’t need to slather it on to get the results you want.


Photo 30-07-2015 5 29 12 pm


Photo 30-07-2015 5 42 32 pm

In the above I have probably waited 5 minutes if that before I took the after photo, so you can see that you get results pretty quickly.

I like to use this after I put on my moisturiser of a morning, let it do its thing and then wipe it off to apply my lipstick. But you could always wear it by itself as a clear gloss.

I picked mine up from MECCA MAXIMA for $38 AUD, you can purchase yours here

I love this product and can see myself repurchasing it over and over again since it’s become part of my daily routine.

Have you tried this product, do you love it as much as I do? let me know in the comments

xo Cassie

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Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Review

Hi everyone, today I’m back with a review on the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector highlight.

Photo 20-01-2015 6 23 15 pm

I bought this when I went to Sephora while on holidays and I am absolutely loving it! I have the shade moonstone and it is such a pretty soft gold shade that I find is perfect for all occasions.

I use this most days for work and also just out and about and find it gives such a lift to the cheeks and brows (or anywhere you put it really)

Photo 20-01-2015 6 25 59 pm

I bought it for I think it was $40 AUD, which is only $2 more than what it costs in the US! and definitely think its worth the money and really want to pick up rose gold, which is another gorgeous shade that was sold out at the time.

It is currently my favourite highlight and is just too easy to pop on and go!

have you tried out this highlight? let me know what you think in the comments.

xo Cassie


Who won the skeleton beauty contest?

No Body…

Hey everyone, today I’m back with a quick halloween look!

It is coming up to that spooky time of the year for all my American readers, and I have put together a super easy skull look (an oldy but a goody)

Skull 1

My Photo inspiration


What I used

Good quality water based face paint (I got mine from Spotlight)

Synthetic face paint brushes

Generic eyeshadow palette

I am a little bit of a cheater though, because I only used a little bit of makeup and the rest was face paint.

I started out by wiping my face and applying some moisturiser and let it sink in, I then used the glue stick method to flatten my brows so they could be covered with the face paint. I used a large synthetic brush to start painting my face white.


Now you could stop there because that is seriously scary

Please also be so careful around your eyes when using this face paint I cannot stress this enough. I was just slapping it all on my face and near my eyes and then I had issues, my eyes started watering and it started breaking up the paint on my cheek so then I was getting more paint and was trying to pat it on top of where the paint was breaking up. I finally got it all to sit okay. I followed this by getting a large shader brush and patting white eyeshadow on the more problem areas to try and conceal.

Then very carefully using a thinner smaller synthetic face paint brush I took the black face paint and mapped out my eyes, and then painted that all black. I got this in my eye AGAIN (I seriously do not learn) and so I got a black tear streak down my face. I thought it was all over and was about to pack it in but I just kept painting my eye and let the streak dry. once it was I got another small clean brush and then packed on the white face paint over the black.

I then used the sponge that came with my paint kit to dab more white over the area to make sure it was all blended.

Again taking a very thin brush I started mapping out the teeth, nose and hollows of the cheek. once the teeth were all mapped out and the hollows filled in I then mixed amy paints together to make a light grey colour and started adding shadows where I thought I needed it. also marking out my temples and darkening my mouth.

IMG_5819 IMG_5821

Finish the outfit off with a black robe and some black fabric over your head and you too can literally look like death.

I had so much fun putting this look together, and plan to be more organised next year so I can do a few more!

If you wear this look please be sure to tag me on socialmeadia @Paintedlipstick

xo Cassie


Modern Pin up look

Hey everyone, today I’m back with a modern pin up inspired look.

Today I found a spare hour to sit down and put together this look, I knew I wanted to do something clean and fun and I think this modern pin up inspired look is really pretty.

image (5)

Products used


Nyx Eyeshadow primer

Chi Chi bronzes palette

Maybeline Gel liner

Napoleon Glitter liner

120 Ardell lashes


L’oreal True Match Foundation

Generic Concealer palette

Elf high definition powder

Rimmel Stay Matte powder

W7 Bronzer

Generic red blush

Mac Mineralize skin finish in Lightscapade 


Nyx brow pencil in brown

Maybelline color tattoo in Taugh as taupe


Essence red lip liner

Nyx round lipstick in true red

I started out by patting the nyx eyeshshadow primer on my lid as always, followed by a beige eyeshadow from my Models prefer palette. Using a dense flat eyeshadow brush I packed the product all over my eyelid, followed by the lightest champagne shade from my Chi Chi bronzes palette on my brow bone. Once I’d blended that together so it was seamless I placed a very light brown shade through my crease. You want this to look like your eyelid, but better. The main focus is the liner and lips.

I then used the gel black liner to make a cat eye liner followed then by the silver Napoleon glitter liner, following the black liner. I then put on my lashes and perfected my skin.

Using my L’oreal true match as usual I buffed that into my skin, and then contoured and highlighted using the dark brown and pale yellow shade in my generic concealer palette, using a damp beauty blender to blend that all together. I then filled in my brows as usual while my foundation sunk in.

I set my under eye concealer using the elf HD powder and the rest of my face with Rimmel stay matte powder. I then bronzed my face and added a light flush to my cheeks with a small amount of red/pink blush.

I finished off this pin up inspired look with of course cherry red lips, using the lip liner first to make sure the lipstick doesn’t feather.

A black cat eye and red lip is such a timeless look, and I think the added glitter makes it modern and fun.

image (7)

image (6)

Would you wear this look? let me know in the comments.

Also I’d love to know what you guys want to see, be sure to leave some suggestions for future posts!

xo Cassie

All products mentioned are my own

Kardashian Beauty En-Joystick Lip Lacquer Review

Hey everyone, today I’m back with a review on the Khroma beauty (now known as Kardashian beauty) En-Joystick lip lacquer.

photo 1

The Kardashians, you either love them or you hate them, But when it comes to makeup you know I just need to try it.

I have this in the shade Shocking pink, and it such a gorgeous colour! The formula is amazing and so creamy but it also will stain your lips once it comes off which I personally like. And the smell is my favourite part! It smells exactly like Betty Crocker vanilla icing.

photo 2

This is just one swipe of the lip lacquer and as you can see it’s pretty opaque.

I chose this colour after seeing it on Kourtney in an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians and I hunted high and low for it, because as you know to find something like this in Australia is hard work and lots of money. I had to buy it on eBay and I think I spent over $20 on this.. But it’s so worth it!

You can now purchase Kardashian beauty at and these retail at $15.95 so I think I’m going to pick up a few more.

Have you tried any other products from this brand? I’m thinking of picking up some other goodies.

xo Cassie

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Sponge eyeshadow applicators

Hey everyone, lets talk about those little eyeshadow sponge applicators that come with our beloved eye shadows that we always chuck.


Well stop right there because as I’ve found out recently, they are pretty handy.

I personally don’t like putting my fingers all over my cosmetics, I know some people like it and that it works for them (and there’s nothing wrong with that) I just personally try to avoid it wherever possible.

So when I was putting on my makeup and for whatever reason my usual brushes just weren’t really packing on the colour the way that I wanted, and I was about to succumb and use my finger to pack it on my eye lid. Until I saw this little guy in my brush role – brand new still in the plastic wrapping that it came in and boy oh boy am I glad I used it, because it works exactly the same as what my finger would have.

I just packed the colour on my brush and then pat the colour where I wanted, then blended it out using my usual blending brush.

so It just comes to show you that these little guys are useful!

What products have you pushed to the side, and then later fell in love with? let me know in the comments

xo Cassie


Rose Gold Look

Hey everyone, today I’m back with a rose gold look.

I got my inspiration for this look from Jaclyn Hill.. if you haven’t heard of her, she is a youtube beauty guru and her videos give me life!

This particular look is one newer videos.

image (78)

Products used

NYX eyeshadow base

Generic blush palette



-Maroon/Deep red shades

Elf Cool palette

-Cool brown

Models prefer palette


-Warm brown

Maybelline Gel liner

Maybelline Color Tattoo – Tough as Taupe

Generic fine glitter

Ardell 120 Lashes

Loreal True Match foundation

Rimmel Stay Matte

W7 Bronzer

Orange/Peach blush

Mac Lightscapade 

Foxy Lady lipstick

I started off this look with my NYX eyeshadow base, I then took the orange shade from my blush palette and carefully pat it into the outer third and inner corner of my eye and blended, I then did the same thing but alternating colours until I had a pretty maroon/orange deep shade, but leaving the centre of my eye bare.

I then took the cool brown from my elf palette  and lightly blended that through my crease to give my eye socket some depth, then taking a little bit of the warm brown, I started to blend that into my outer corner.

Then take a large fluffy brush with some of the peachy orange shade and blend that all over your lid until you are happy with the colour – you don’t want to look like your sick and your eyes are red (thats where I started to get  worried) but trust me, alternate between the maroon and cool brown until the colours are seamless and look more like a rose gold.

now take a white fine shimmery pigment and lightly pat that into the middle of your eye, and really concentrating the colour there until you are happy with the way it looks. I then took my black gel liner and did a very very thin line on my top lash line – just so it makes your natural & false lashes look a lot thicker

I finished off my look the way I usually would, with my Loreal true match foundation set with Rimmel stay matte powder to set the foundation, Maybelline color tattoo in tough as taupe through my brows a light contour and a peachy blush shade along the back of my cheek to pull all the orange shades together.

I finished off my look with a lipstick cocktail to get a nude that I liked – but use whatever lip shade you like.

image (73)image (75)


I love this look, I don’t think its too much for daytime wear, you could always wear smaller lashes or none at all.

What do you think, would you wear this look?

xo Cassie


All products mentioned are my own