Styling A Tube Skirt

Hey everyone, today I’m back with how I style a tube skirt for Summer.

Photo 25-01-2015 7 49 17 pm

Photo via Polyvore – Styled by me.

Today i’ve styled two outfits that I think could take you from lunch with friends, to dinner and drinks easily. I’ve stayed within a very clean monochromatic palette which I think is perfect, as a tube skirt can be worn time and time again and can quickly become a staple piece.

Here I’ve paired both skirts with a cami style top which I think pairs perfectly, but could of course be paired however you want. A simple black crop top or a turtle neck tucked in would look lovely for the colder months.

I am absolutely loving these looks for any occasion, they’re effortlessly chic and feminine and the best part is that you could achieve this look without breaking the bank, Here are some on that are lovely and affordable.

Would you wear these outfits? let me know in the comments.

xo Cassie


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Ho Ho Holiday Makeup Look

Hey everyone, today I’m back with a fun Christmas themed makeup look.

Edit eye open

Products used

Ardell lash glue

Lorac mega pro palette




-Deep teal

W7 Mascara

LimeCrime Lipstick –  Retrofuturist

LA Girl glazed lip paint – Pin Up

Maybeline color tattoo in tough as taupe

Loral Magic Nude liquid powder foundation

Thin Lizzy darkest powder – Contour

Napoleon Perdis – Blush Patrol

Green craft glitter

Red Cherry #102 lashes

Estee Lauder Blush – Nude rose

close up eye

I started out by brushing fawn all over my lid as a base and blended camel into my crease, I then used the deep teal shade to map out where I wanted my wing to be. I used a small synthetic brush and in small sections I dabbed on lash glue, and using a wet small brush I picked up the green glitter and placed it on the glue, I did this until the wing was covered in the green glitter. (You could use a black liner to map out the wing, but I found that using a similar shade to the glitter you’re using just means that if you do see any of the shadow/liner, it will blend in)

I took a little bit of the teal, and the dark brown shade and blended that on my lower lash line and prepped my lashes for falsies. For this look I used my biggest and most dramatic lashes, but to make this look a little more wearable you could use a wispy lash.

I buffed in my foundation, and filled in my brows as usual and contoured my cheeks, I then used a muted rose blush shade, and a rose gold highlight to finish off my skin. I kept my skin very neutral as I wanted most of the attention on my eyes. I finished off my look with a a bright red glossy lip using Limecrimes retrofuturist all over and dabbing the LA girl glazed lip paint in the center.

edit eye closed

I had so much fun with this look, and you could change the colour of the glitter to make this suitable for a New Years Eve look.

if you recreate this look make sure you show me using #Paintedlipstick and tagging me @Paintedlipstick on all social media!

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and stay safe! ill be back on the blog in the new year, but to keep updated on all things beauty be sure for follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Paintedlipstick.

xo Cassie

Strawberry Kisses

Hi everyone, today I’m back with another DIY!

I was browsing different clothing websites (as I do) and came across some really cool printed lip jeans and fell in love. unfortunately they cost an arm and a leg to buy and get sent to Australia. I was really grumpy until I figured that I could probably make them myself without the large price tag.

And voilà, here they are!


Here’s what you’ll need

100% cotton jeans 

Printable transfer paper



This is a great DIY for some old faded worn in jeans, or some new ones like mine. I picked up a pair of jeans from factorie for $20 and got the transfer paper from Lincraft for $24. I only used one sheet of paper for this tutorial so all up the jeans cost me about $20.41 AUD.

Now what you need to do is basically follow the instructions on the transfer paper to a T! I really wanted to skip steps and wait less time, but to make sure they turn out right, follow the instructions.

start out by finding a print that you like, I knew I wanted to do lips so I did a quick google search and found some that I thought would look good, I then altered them and got them to the right size.

The template that I made can be downloaded here.

make sure that you cut really close to your picture so you don’t get a white border!


You could also put all different text on your clothes if you wanted something really different. I think that would look good on an acid wash denim jacket for a real grunge look.

Do you like this idea, would you try it out? if you do, be sure to tag me on all social media @Paintedlipstick

xo Cassie






Styling Distressed Denim Jeans

Hey everyone, today I’m back with 3 different ways to style distressed denim jeans.

I’ve shown you how to take a plain pair for jeans from drab to fab here, now I’ve put together some cute outfit ideas for the Spring/Summer months ahead of us.


Photo via Polyvore – Styled by me

I love these three outfits because they can be laid back for a day out shopping, and then dressed up with a tailored blazer for a night out. I love the little pops of colour in each one. And I think the backpack for the third outfit makes it so fun.

You could also add a camel coloured coat to the second outfit and swap the mint green necklace for a gold chunky chain, and booties for a more fall appropriate look for those of you coming into the cooler months.

FullSizeRender (2)


Photo via Polyvore – Styled by me

Distressed denim is huge this season and I am really loving it, and have been living in my jeans.

Would you wear any of these outfits? let me know in the comments

xo Cassie

DIY Distressed Denim

Hey everyone, today I’m going to show you how to DIY distressed denim.

What you’ll need

Pair of Jeans




for this project I used a pair of $25 Kmart jeans, since I already have a light wash pair of boyfriend jeans that I paid $90 for I wanted to try and make my own for less, and now you can too!

to start out, you want to have a rough idea of how you want your jeans to look I did this by trying them on and visualizing it. But you could also mark out where you want to make your cuts while you’re wearing the jeans.


Make your markings as shown, make sure that your lines aren’t too close together or too far apart.


You then want to pinch together the pants leg and make your cuts making sure not to cut through the other side!


Make a small incision


Now lay your pants leg out flat and insert the scissors as shown, now slowly start cutting along the line you drew earlier.

IMG_5648 IMG_5654

Now you want to start plucking out the blue thread, in the beginning you might have to get rid of some white thread to get to the blue, but ultimately you want to only pluck out the blue thread as shown.


You want to continue doing this to each one of your cuts until all you have left are the white threads, then to make it look more organic and like you’ve unintentionally ripped your jeans, pop them into the washer and dryer to loosen up some of the threads.


To style them, I have just cuffed them so they sit above my ankle and usually wear them with plain tshirts.

Here I’m wearing a striped tee from Kmart for $8

Nude wedges from Rubi Shoes $10

Buttefly necklace which was a gift


I absolutely love my pair, and have worn them heaps since I made them.

Let me know if you try out this DIY project in the comments!

xo Cassie