DIY Distressed Denim

Hey everyone, today I’m going to show you how to DIY distressed denim.

What you’ll need

Pair of Jeans




for this project I used a pair of $25 Kmart jeans, since I already have a light wash pair of boyfriend jeans that I paid $90 for I wanted to try and make my own for less, and now you can too!

to start out, you want to have a rough idea of how you want your jeans to look I did this by trying them on and visualizing it. But you could also mark out where you want to make your cuts while you’re wearing the jeans.


Make your markings as shown, make sure that your lines aren’t too close together or too far apart.


You then want to pinch together the pants leg and make your cuts making sure not to cut through the other side!


Make a small incision


Now lay your pants leg out flat and insert the scissors as shown, now slowly start cutting along the line you drew earlier.

IMG_5648 IMG_5654

Now you want to start plucking out the blue thread, in the beginning you might have to get rid of some white thread to get to the blue, but ultimately you want to only pluck out the blue thread as shown.


You want to continue doing this to each one of your cuts until all you have left are the white threads, then to make it look more organic and like you’ve unintentionally ripped your jeans, pop them into the washer and dryer to loosen up some of the threads.


To style them, I have just cuffed them so they sit above my ankle and usually wear them with plain tshirts.

Here I’m wearing a striped tee from Kmart for $8

Nude wedges from Rubi Shoes $10

Buttefly necklace which was a gift


I absolutely love my pair, and have worn them heaps since I made them.

Let me know if you try out this DIY project in the comments!

xo Cassie



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