Flutter your falsies

Hey everyone, today I’m back with where I buy my false lashes online.

image (3)

Ever since I started my blog I’ve been really into practicing putting on false lashes, I’ve found that there are some that I like better than others and ones that suit my eye shape better than others, and they really pull a look together. I am currently loving Red cherry lashes!

I purchased mine off IKateHouse, they range from $1-$5 AUD on there so you know I grabbed a few. They also offer heaps of other brands of lashes (but I just went with what was familiar) These lashes are really good quality and I’ve found that with a good clean I can get quite a few wears out of them. To put them on I’ve been using Ardell glue and so far am really liking it. I’ve found that the glue peels off really easily when I’ve finished with them, and they don’t lose their shape.

to clean off the mascara I usually just gently rub a makeup wipe over them until there’s no mascara left on the lash. I’m not 100% sure if this is the best way, but it’s worked so far for me. And if you’ve found a better way to do it please share it in the comments.

As we all know I love a bargain so I thought you guys would love to hear about these affodable lashes, as Red cherry are really hard to come by in Australia as it is, let alone for $1!

let me know if you’ve found anywhere else online to buy your falsies in the comments.

xo Cassie

(the above in NOT an affiliate link)



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