Minimalist Outfits

Hey everyone, today I’m back with a post on minimalism in fashion.


Minimalism has always been around, but I feel like this season it’s really taken the front seat in not only fashion but also in interior design and art itself. Here I’ve put together 3 minimalist outfits.

photo (1)

Photo via Polyvore

I do love these looks, I think it looks very chic, clean and fresh, which is exactly what minimalism is all about. When putting together an outfit make sure you keep a minimal colour palette, think whites, creams/blush, navy blues, greys and blacks/charcoals and then mix and match your pieces, I love a white and grey outfit with some small black/charcoal accents, especially for winter. And for summer, whites and creams.

Although what is put together here is on the pricier side, you can always put this together with a smaller budget.

And remember you wear the clothes, the clothes don’t wear you.

Do you like this trend, would you wear it?

xo Cassie


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