Big brows you are beautiful

Hey everyone, today I have a little how-to post for you!

Brows have been BIG lately like literally everyone wants to have beautiful big bushy eyebrows, well I can tell you that when this trend came in  I definitely looked at my thin brows differently and so the process of growing them out began.

If you’ve ever grown your brows out then you know my pain, but I’ve always tried to keep clean brows by regularly plucking a bit here and there where possible.

Today though I’m going to show you how to hand pluck your eyebrows into the shape you want.

Here are the tools you’ll need.

  • Small scissors
  • Spooly
  • Tweezers (here I’ve used a straight pair form Kmart)

image (88)

Starting out of course with your natural brows, here are mine.

image (85)

And the using your tweezers, line it up like below (I like to use a white eyeliner pencil to make a mark so I know where I’m plucking)

Starting with a straight line from the side of your nose and so on, (use the photo for reference)

This will help you identify where the start of your brow is, the arch and the tail of your brow. Pluck slowly and be sure to step away from the mirror to get a better look at the overall appearance.

image (86)

Pluck any other stray hairs as needed. Now you could stop there, but I like to finish off by doing the next few steps.

Brush brows upwards.

image (89)

The longer hairs will stay upwards above the brow line, like shown.

image (90)

Trim as needed. If you choose to do these steps please be very careful at this stage. If you get too scissor happy you could end up creating bald spots in your brow.

image (91)

After you’ve finished you should be left with a much neater tamed brow, iust fill them in as needed. If you’d like to know how I fill in my brows click here

image (92)

What little tricks do you use to pluck your eyebrows? be sure to share them in the comments.


xo Cassie


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