Sponge eyeshadow applicators

Hey everyone, lets talk about those little eyeshadow sponge applicators that come with our beloved eye shadows that we always chuck.


Well stop right there because as I’ve found out recently, they are pretty handy.

I personally don’t like putting my fingers all over my cosmetics, I know some people like it and that it works for them (and there’s nothing wrong with that) I just personally try to avoid it wherever possible.

So when I was putting on my makeup and for whatever reason my usual brushes just weren’t really packing on the colour the way that I wanted, and I was about to succumb and use my finger to pack it on my eye lid. Until I saw this little guy in my brush role – brand new still in the plastic wrapping that it came in and boy oh boy am I glad I used it, because it works exactly the same as what my finger would have.

I just packed the colour on my brush and then pat the colour where I wanted, then blended it out using my usual blending brush.

so It just comes to show you that these little guys are useful!

What products have you pushed to the side, and then later fell in love with? let me know in the comments

xo Cassie



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