Elf Lock and Seal Review

Hey everyone, today I’m back to talk about a product that has been used in a few of my looks lately.

And that’s the elf makeup lock and seal

photo (1)

This stuff is amazing for foiling powder pigments and apparently also makes products waterproof, such as, after filling in your eyebrows with a powder product, if you take some of the lock and seal and swipe it over the top the powder stays in place all day. As it is a liquid product you only need about one drop for any look you are creating. Although I haven’t tried this first hand I could definitely see how it could work.

I personally just use mine to foil powders. Although it does come with a little blending brush and small dish to mix colours I haven’t used either, and tend to mix products on a palette.

When I first started getting into makeup I used to use plain old water – and that does work, but the pigments aren’t as intense as when I use this product.

I bought this amazing product awhile ago and still have so much left. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it and buying a backup.

You can pick this product up at your local Kmart for $8.00AUD

xo Cassie

All products mentioned are my own.


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