Hey everyone, let’s talk about Birkenstocks, Birkenwhat you say? Yeah so did I!


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There are so many pieces of clothing that I just don’t and probably will not ever understand and these are one of them

I’ve seen these shoes around a bit lately especially on blogs and instagram, but I’ve also noticed that Kourtney Kardashian loves them. I personally think these shoes are so ugly and aren’t my cup of tea.

I also think that for the price, I’d rather buy something that I could wear all the time – I mean they’re not that expensive but for 80-$100 I’d want to get my money’s worth and I just don’t think I would with these shoes. (Although they do look comfy)

But I’d love to know what you guys think, fashion yay or fashion nay. Would you wear them?

xo Cassie


5 thoughts on “Birkenstocks

  1. dont think i could ever go for a birkenstock 😦 not my style but loved the post! please check out my new skin series on my blog all about the science behind skin as well as understanding your own skin and developing a complimentary routine. follow and i will love forever xox your local bohemian

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