Facial Hair Removal

Hey everyone, let’s talk about facial hair removal.


Photo via http://www.us.ayushveda.com/

We are constantly told that the best way to get an even base with foundation is by using primers and creams to moisturise our faces, Which of course is all very true. But for some of us facial hair is stopping us from getting that perfect base for makeup that we all read about.

Problems that I’ve run into when doing my makeup is that I’ll have a light lady moustache, or don’t even get me started on the little chin hairs that I get, and it will make my foundation look like an off grey in that area. Which means I’ll be less than impressed with my makeup.

Hair removal can be such a pain in the bum, in some cases it takes ages waiting for wax to heat up or constant expensive trips to the salon. But I am a lover of anything that can be done in the comfort of my home, so my most proffered method of hair removal is


Wax strips


Photo via http://www.jadeisabelle.com/ 

These two are my favourite inexpensive at home hair removal methods that I’ve found have done the job. And can be found at any chemist or supermarket. I prefer plucking my eyebrows, waxing my lady stash and then tweezing any stray hairs that get left behind,

When I was much younger I would always be so embarrassed by my facial hair and because I do have some Italian roots it means that not only do I have to worry about the hair being there, but it’s also very dark so I try and stay on-top of my hair removal.

If by any chance you are feeling the same way, or are unsure of where to start with removing your facial hair, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. we all have facial hair, Some ladies are just more fortunate to have lighter hairs.

What’s your favourite method of hair removal?

xo Cassie









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