Generic Blush Palette.

Hey everyone, today I have a review on one of those generic blush palettes that you can find on eBay.

image (3)

I picked this palette up a few years ago when I was first getting into makeup. This palette is a great way to try a few different colours at a really affordable price.

not really expecting too much, I was really surprised when I started to use it. There are a few of the lighter colours that are a little chalky but they aren’t that bad that you can’t work with them. I recently used this palette in another look and I think they are easier to work with if you lightly tap your brush into the product and work it little by little onto your face.

Here I have a few swatches of the products.

image (4)

I didn’t swatch them all because lets face it, that’t a little extreme. But I did swatch the lightest and darkest colours to show what I mean in regards to the chalkiness, you can see in the photo how the baby pink colour is chalky when placed heavily on my arm.

All in all I really do like this palette and for $10-15 who’s complaining. you get to try out heaps of pretty colours for cheap.

find the palette on eBay here, have you tried this palette?

xo Cassie

All products mentioned are my own.



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