Daintree Tinted Moisturiser with SPF Review

Hey everyone, today I’m back with a review on the Daintree tinted moisturiser.

image (64)

I used this moisturiser in my fresh summer look  here, let me start out by saying I do not like this product at all.

I tried putting on this moisturiser with my fingers and then a flat top buffing brush, it just doesn’t work for me. let me say that I don’t usually use a tinted moisturiser and this is the only one I own, and the only reason I got it was because it came in a pack with another skin care product that I love.

This product was so difficult to blend into my skin it was ridiculous. And then once it was blended in, it oxidized on me so it was all orange. Then to top it off it wore off on my jaw line in about 10 minutes (Crazy right) so I was left with a patchy orangey browny face, which every girl wants in summer right?… sarcasm.

image (62)

Here’s a swatch of the product, it was a nice consistency but unfortunately everything else was really off the mark.

This product retails for $29.95AUD on the natural source website.

I don’t think I’ll be using this product on my face again any time soon, but I’m thinking I might try and use it on my legs and arms as a ‘cover up’ on bruises and imperfections.

Just because I’ve had a bad experience with this tinted moisturiser, doesn’t mean I’ve sworn them off forever.I am on the hunt for one to use when the weather warms up again, what are your favourite tinted moisturisers?

xo Cassie

All products mentioned are my own.




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