Current Favorite Mascaras

Hey everyone, today I’m reviewing my current favorite mascaras.

These four mascaras are the ones that I’ve found myself reaching for lately and majority of them are relatively cheap. I’m not really into layering mascaras so I use all of these on their own usually doing 2 coats.

W7 Double volume waterproof mascara – I can’t find the prices for this brand on the Chemist Warehouse website but I want to say it was $6

image (26)

This mascara comes with a 2 step system, step 1 being to coat and separate your lashes and then step 2 which gives your lashes more volume. I have very short sparse lashes and I really enjoy this mascara I think it gives me a little bit of length and lots of volume, with no flaking or transferring onto my skin. and for 6 bucks who’s complaining.

Estee Lauder double wear mascara – $48

image (27)

This is the only high end mascara I own and I love it, my lovely nanna bought it for me a while ago and I got it because the sales lady had the most lovely eyelashes so that just sold it to me. as I said I have vary short lashes and this just makes them look long and lush.. I don’t know about that price tag though but I do love this mascara it’s just lovely.

Rimmel Extra Super Lash – $10

image (29)

This mascara is one of those works better when it dries out a bit mascaras, and I’m finding I’m liking it more now then I ever did. it lengthens my lashes and is really black. There’s no flaking and no transferring which is always good. I also find it curls my lashes really well.

W7 Big Lash Mascara – same as the other W7 mascara but again I think its $6

image (30)

I love this mascara, it’s great I find it gives my lashes lots of length and heaps of volume it’s a very wet formula which really makes my lash hold a curl all day without any flakiness or transferring. I love this mascara so much I got my mum to buy it aswell. The only thing I’ve found is if you do really coat your lashes a few times you can end up with ‘spider’ lashes but if you use a clean spooly to separate them, they look great! I will definitely be re purchasing this mascara.

What is your favorite mascara? I am always on the hunt for new ones.

xo Cassie


all products mentioned are my own



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