Wardrobe staples

Hey everyone, let’s talk about wardrobe staples.

The hype around key wardrobe pieces is something that’s constantly being talked about in the fashion world. And is it just me or are these ‘key’ pieces constantly changing? I’ve put together a set of real staples that I think most women should have.


Plain T shirts

Plain t shirts are a must in my eyes, they are so versatile and can be dressed up or down. I like to get mine in all neutral tones to make sure I get a lot of wear out of them, think greys, black, white, navy and cream colours.


Ahhh the little black dress, a well fitting black dress is great for dressing up or down and can be taken from the corporate office to dinner with friends it always looks chic and put together.


A blazer is a really quick way to dress up any look, throw it on over your plain tee and a pair of jeans and you take your outfit from casual to more put together with one item of clothing.


Finding a good pair of jeans can take forever but once you’ve found them they are your best friend. I think having two pairs of jeans is vital, I like blue and black so that I can mix and match my plain t shirts.


I personally love cardigans and throw them over anything and everything. I think again opting for neutral colours is best so you get a lot of wear out of them. I like beige, black and white so they can transition from winter/summer


I would say for ‘staple’ shoes start out with black pump style heels that aren’t sky high and are comfortable and a pair of black pointed toe ballet flats, I find this style looks alot nicer than the regular rounded toe but that’s just my preference


This is the biggest thing when it comes to staples I think, having some nice statement necklaces, bracelets and earrings means you can mix and match so many different pieces and make outfits look completely different just with accessories. I also love scarves for this reason.


I think if you are building your wardrobe and are looking for a handbag that can transition from day to night, whether you prefer large or small handbags I would opt for a neutral tone, either black or beige only because like with the cardigans and t shirts you want something that goes with everything and a neutral toned handbag does just that.

I think that these staple pieces are timeless and can come relatively inexpensive.

This is my take on the hot topic, what are your wardrobe staples? let me know in the comments

xo Cassie


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