Let’s talk about facial wipes

Hey everyone, today we are going to talk abut facial wipes.

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I feel like facial wipes have a pretty bad rap in the skincare and beauty world for being not that great for your skin and the way you have to tug and pull at your face to wipe the product off your face, and I can see how that has happened.  A lot of companies make facial wipes that are really dry, I can totally see how people hate them.

I on the other hand love them I think they are handy little things –  granted I don’t use them as a 1 stop shop skincare program but I always like to have a few packets laying around for after I come home and just want to take my make up off  and then workout or whatever I’m doing for the rest of the day. I also love them for just wiping my face if I feel particularly oily or grimy and I am always handing them out to my friends who would otherwise go to sleep with make up on.

I’ve tried so many different brands of facial wipes and usually just grab whatever’s on sale at Kmart, I’m lucky that my skin doesn’t mind them and I can get away with it.

A few brands that I’ve tried and loved are

Simple Cleansing Facial wipes 

Nivea Visage refreshing facial wipes (the pack of 3)

Nivea Pure & Natural

Johnsons Daily essentials

most companies make sensitive wipes as well which I’ve also used that are nice as well.

Do I think facial wipes should replace a skin care regime? no, but do I think that it’s better to use one rather than going to sleep with makeup on? you betcha. I think it also depends on your skin and what it likes but only you’ll know what you can and can’t put on your face.

all in all facial wipes deserve a little more recognition since they’re saving faces of sleeping in makeup everywhere.

do you use facial wipes, love em or hate em what’s your verdict? let me know in the comments


xo Cassie


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