Pink & Purple Pout

Hey everyone, today I’m back with a review on the, Australis (which is an Australian brand) Velourlips Matte lip cream.

image (7)

Let me start out by saying that I had such high hopes for this product since Australis make some great makeup. And I wanted it to be a dupe for the Limecrime Velvetines, but it just wasn’t.

I got the colours;


image (3)



image (5)

Here’s what Australis say about the product;

A new kind of Pout Paint that is neither a lipstick or a lipgloss but a Lip Matte Cream. This cream glides on silky smooth and provides a matte finish with intense colour payoff!

the colours look great in the tube and the bright pink is pretty true in colour to what you see in the tube, but the purple is a lot darker on the lips which I quite like. I think the colours are great it’s just the formula that is off, they are so drying and settle into the fine lines of your lips.

To get to this level of opaqueness I had to put on 3 layers of the lip cream which is a pain in itself. And don’t even think about smiling or rubbing your lips together.. after they both dried I rubbed my lips together and this is the outcome

image (4)image (6)

the product just flakes off, it does the same if you’re drinking. I unfortunately made the mistake of wearing the pink one out, and after drinking I had to scrub at my lips to get it off.

The Velourlips definitely have potential and if it was a little creamier on the lips it would look great. I would rather re apply a product completely, than having it flake off in parts. And unfortunately I wont be purchasing the other 3 shades.

have you tried this product or one like it? let me know in the comments


xo Cassie



all products mentioned are my own


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