Electric Blue

Hey everyone, today I have put together a picture tutorial on how I got this Blue and Orange make up look.

image (26)

Here’s what I used.

image (22)


ChiChi Bronzes palette

Blue eye shadow pigment

Elf Lock & Seal

Gold eye liner pencil

Loreal True Match foundation

Rimmel stay matte powder

Estee Lauder blush in Nude Rose


LimeCrime Orange lipstick in My Beautiful Rocket

Scotch Tape

image (21)

I started out by using the trusty scotch tape trick which I have mentioned in a past Blog post. I then covered my entire eyelid with the lightest shade in the Bronzes palate, then I took the dark brown shade and blended it into my outer socket to give my eye some depth.

mixing a little bit of the Blue eye shadow pigment and the Elf Lock and seal in a small lid I made my own blue eye liner! I then lined my lid as pictured above! I loved it but thought it needed something else so I lined my bottom lash line with a gold eye liner.

I finished off my look with mascara, a light contour and very natural blush which was earth toned because I knew I wanted to do a fun orange lip! if orange is too daring then you could pair this eye look with a nude lip, or keep the orange lip and do a black cat eye liner.

I love this look, even though I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea I think that it’s fun!

image (23)image (28)image (29)


Would you try this look? let me know in the comments


xo Cassie


All products mentioned are my own



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