Eye liner sharp as a knife

A beauty ‘hack’ that I’ve seen floating around the internet lately is applying your eye liner with the help of scotch tape! Yup that’s right not only is it good for wrapping prezzies (presents) it is also useful to help you get your eye liner sharp enough to stab your enemies.

I’ve put together a little picture tutorial so that you too, can benefit from this little trick.

Here’s what you’ll need,

image (11)

start out by getting two pieces of tape about the same size and placing it on the back of your hand to remove a little bit of the stickiness, then place it on your eye following your lower lash line as shown.

image (6)

Then, get your liquid, gel or pencil and start drawing your cat eye liner. I like to start at about the middle of my eye.

image (7)

Draw your eye liner like you usually would, without the worry of getting your eye liner flick wobbly or messy

image (8)

Take off your tape and be pleased with your work!

image (1)


image (10)

I love this trick!

Let me know if you try it out in the comments!


May the wings of your eye liner always be even.

xo Cassie


all products are my own.


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