Make-up brushes for beginners

Hey everyone I’m back today to talk about what I think are the best brushes for a beginner.

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getting into make-up can be daunting enough as it is without having to worry about which brushes do what. Today I have put together a list of brushes that I think would be perfect for a beginner.

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Flat paddle foundation brush 

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for foundation I always opt for synthetic brushes, for a beginner I suggest a paddle style foundation brush. it is easier to place product exactly where you want it with this style of brush.

Small Paddle brush

GetAttachment (3)

A small paddle brush looks exactly like the larger foundation brush (pictured above) only it is significantly smaller. I use this brush for placing concealer on trouble areas and also for highlighting the under eye area (after washing of course)

Powder brush

GetAttachment (4)

A powder brush is used for powdered products. I use this brush to dust powder foundation over liquid foundation to keep oiliness at bay.

Eye liner brush

GetAttachment (5)

A straight eye liner brush is perfect for two things, 1 being the obvious – placing liner on your eyes and 2 being for filling in your eyebrows. before I had any other smaller brushes I used this brush with a small amount of product to fill in my eyebrows.

Blush/Bronzer Brush

GetAttachment (6)

A larger brush can be perfect for giving yourself a bit of colour on your cheeks I love this brush especially for bronzer, again being careful with how much product you place on the brush and carefully placing product on your cheeks, temples and forehead and blending can give you a gorgeous sun kissed glow.

Flat eye shadow brush/ Dome eye shadow brush

GetAttachment (7)

GetAttachment (8)

I think you should have 2 eye shadow brushes in your beginner kit, a flat eye shadow brush and a dome eye shadow brush. The flat shadow brush is used to pack product onto your lid and the dome brush to either place a darker colour in the crease of your eyelid and blend it out or to simply blend your eye look.

Precise eye liner brush (Fine point)

GetAttachment (9)

This brush is perfect for a precise winged eye liner used with a liquid product or to smoke out an eye liner look done with a smudge pencil or powder.

Brow comb

GetAttachment (10)

A brow comb isn’t technically a ‘brush’ but I still think that it comes in handy for grooming your brows before using a brow product or just to tame brow hairs without using any product. I also have used the comb side to brush through my lashes to get rid of ‘spider lashes’.

Brushes listed are by Real techniques, elf and a Clinique foundation brush –  but you can find paddle style foundation brushes with almost any brand including real techniques and elf.

you can purchase real techniques from some Priceline stores or online via

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Disclaimer: this is an affiliate code and I do get a reward credit on the website if it is used.

all elf brushes and products can be found in Kmart Australia.

I hope this post helps you out on your make-up journey and you get to bypass using an old make-up sponge like I did – It is awful to look back on, trust me.

xox Cassie


all brushes are my own


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